Netflix releases “Fair Game” Director’s Cut

Netflix has just released Doug Liman’s director’s cut of his 2010 true-life political thriller “Fair Game,” starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. Based on CIA operative Valarie Plame (Watts) whose identity was leaked by the Bush administration to retaliate against criticism from her diplomat-husband.

The film was Scott Takedas first studio feature film. The 2018 director’s cut restores several scenes that didn’t make the theatrical release, including one with Takeda, who played the physicist Dr. Jonas.

Liman is quoted as saying he was never satisfied with the version that was theatrically released. He was ultimately inspired to create a director’s cut after the Trump administration pardoned Scooter Libby, the Bush official responsible for leaking Plame’s identity.

The scene with Takeda and Watts now leads a new demo reel titled “Additional Film Clips.”