Takeda Stars in Dark Comedy Short

TV/Film actor Scott Takeda cuts loose with his funny side in the upcoming dark comedy short, ‘Last Call.’ Takeda stars as Don, a hardened, liquor store owner who has seen too many hold ups to be scared. The film begins with him staring down the barrel of a gun held by a preppy, out-of-work, soccer mom.


“I love this role,” said Takeda.  “It’s nice to be able to show off my dry, sarcastic side.  And the screenwriter Rob Palmer (‘Game Over,’ ‘The Rapture’) wrote a fantastic script that blended real drama with some hilarious moments.  It had us laughing all day.”

Helmed by first-time director Mike Schrader, the film also stars Audrey Walters (‘Chillerama’), Drew Walters (Stephen King’s “One For The Road”) and Tedd Taskey (“Payback”).

The film premiers in Denver on September 9.

Actor demo from ‘Last Call’