Takeda Stars in Comedy Short Film

TV Film actor Scott Takeda leads a funny group of actors in the latest comedy short by BS Filmworks called ‘Dysfunctional Dynamics.’  Takeda stars as the Violet Avenger, a superhero that has lost his confidence, so he turns to group therapy to find a reason to go on.

“This is a very funny script,” said Takeda. “And the cast is hillarious. We were laughing all day, and I had a hard time keeping a straight face for some of the very serious moments in the film. And it was so fun playing a superhero. As a long-time comic book collector, this was great to have superpowers.”

Helmed by Brock Sherman of BS Filmworks, the cast also includes Audrey Walters (‘Things People Do’), Joe Bocian (‘Roswell FM’), Sydney Ackman (‘Chillerama’), Nick Ian Holmes (‘College Pranks’), and Catherine McGuire of Amazon Studios’ (‘Those Who Can’t’).

The film premiers in mid August, and has it’s official release in October.