Takeda Joins Cast of Comedic Web Series

This week, TV/Film actor Scott Takeda goes on-location to Albuquerque to begin pre-production of a comedic web series called “Overlook,” produced by writer/directors Josh Klein and Willis Davidson. The series takes place in the fictional city of Overlook, New Mexico. Takeda is a series regular playing Police Chief Bob Tanaka.

“We’re in the middle of rehearsals, and my stomach hurts from laughing so much,” said Takeda. “This is seriously funny material. I can’t wait to begin shooting. I think audiences will be very entertained, and I’m hoping this builds a huge following.”

“I am so thrilled that Scott joined the cast,” said Klein. “I had never worked with him before, but I wanted to after seeing his earlier work on Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell.”

“Scott has this very dry, comic timing that is precisely what we are looking for,” said Davidson. “Josh and I wrote some very funny scenes for him, and I think they’re going to be big hits.”

The series begins production this Spring.