Takeda in latest Matthew McConaughey Film

Truth Entertainment added TV/Film actor Scott Takeda to the cast of the feature film ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’ The drama stars Mathew McConaughey (Magic Mike, Lincoln Lawyer) in a true-life tale of Ron Woodruff who was diagnosed with full-blown HIV/AIDS in 1986 and fought the FDA to bring alternative treatments into the country when the only approved drug was highly-toxic.


Also starring are Jennifer Garner (Juno), Jared Leto (Requium for a Dream), and Steve Zahn (Dairy of a Wimpy Kid). Takeda plays Japanese pharmaceutical scientist Mr. Yamata.

The film is helmed by director Jean-Marc Vallee, best known for 2005 award-winning Canadian feature film ‘C.R.A.Z.Y.’ and 2009 indie hit ‘Young Victoria’ starring Emily Blunt, which took home the 2010 Oscar for best costume design.

The film has gotten worldwide publicity for the amount weight that stars McConaughey and Leto lost so they could accurately portray people living with AIDS. The film is scheduled for a 2013 release.