Takeda Books Studio Film “Gone Girl”

20th Century Fox has added TV/Film actor Scott Takeda to the cast of “Gone Girl,” directed by two-time Academy nominee David Fincher (‘Social Network’ and ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’). The suspense-thriller is based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn about a woman who disappears on her wedding anniversary. Flynn is also the screenwriter for the film.



It stars Ben Affleck (‘Argo’) and Rosamund Pike (‘Jack Reacher’) as Nick and Amy Dunne. Costarring are Missy Pyle (‘The Artist’), Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother’), Tyler Perry (‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’), and Kim Dickens (‘The Blind Side’). Takeda plays a network television producer.

The film is scheduled for an October 2014 release.