Takeda Books Series Pilot for Lifetime


This month, TV/Film actor Scott Takeda begins shooting a co-starring role in the series pilot ‘Secret Lives of Wives’ for Warner Horizon Television. The is produced by Jill Gordon (‘My So Called Life’), Jennifer Gwartz (‘Veronica Mars’) and Dan Lin (‘Terminator Salvation’). If picked up, the series will air on Lifetime and feature intertwining stories of four close friends and the ups and downs they go through with their marriages. Producers are excited because the series hits a target audience similar to HBO’s “Sex and the City” (which went off the air eight years ago) and plays on current literary trends like the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.

The series pilot stars Kim Raver (’24’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (‘I am Legend’), Valarie Cruz (‘Homeland’ and ‘True Blood’) and Callum Blue (Showtime’s ‘Dead Like Me’). Takeda plays Dr. Fung, an oncologist treating a life-threatening cancer for Cruz’ character. His role is potentially recurring.

Liz Friedlander (CW’s ‘The Secret Circle’) directs the pilot which is based on the novel Secret Lives of Wives by best-selling author Iris Krasnow.